Monday, June 05, 2006

Rolling Duffel Bags

If you're backpacking around the world, you need, well, a backpack. But if you are a working stiff who only gets a week or two off here and there, you need another option.

After getting tired of a backpack not being right but a suitcase not cutting it either, I plopped down a little cash for a rolling duffel bag and I think I've found the perfect compromise. You can roll it when you're cruising through an airport terminal that seems to go on for miles, but then you can pick it up and carry it when you hit a patch of lovely old cobblestones and flights of stairs at your destination. Just don't get one of those huge rolling duffles though or you'll stuff it with too much weight and defeat the purpose.

You can spend 200 bucks or so by buying one at a fancy luggage store or travel gear site, but since I'm a cheap bastard I'd rather spend a fraction and move on when it wears out. "Duffle bag" and "quality craftmanship" don't seem to belong together anyway. If you're not obsessed with quality, you can find some good deals among the castoffs by searching at

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