Thursday, March 09, 2006

Adapter Plugs for Laptops and Travel Gear

If you're traveling abroad with a laptop or something else that needs to be plugged into a socket or recharged, how do you figure out what kindo of plug you need--and get it?

Several travel gadget stores sell bundles of adapters you can take along with you. I got one of these for a round-the-world trip I was taking once and it worked well since I was going from country to country. But this summer I'm just going to Argentina and then coming home. So I only need one thing.

One handy resource is the Electrical Wizard from
Magellan's. You just go to the adapter page, plug in the info on your gear and where you're going, and they pull up the right things for you to put in your cart. While you're there you can buy a surge protector for safety's sake and then figure what else you need for when you're not plugged in. (Which will hopefully be MOST of the time!)

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