Thursday, November 03, 2005

Vendor Report - ExOfficio

I've ordered gadgets and travel clothing from a good half-dozen web retailers and decided to give Ex Officio a try after a friend went on and on about how cool her Buzz Off baseball cap was. It has chemicals that repel bugs built right into the hat and somehow you can wash it without it losing its effectiveness. I'm off to Africa in a few weeks, in the heart of the malaria zone, so I decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to get one of those (will review that after I return) and pick up a few other items while I was at it.

Things didn't start off well when one item of four I ordered got cancelled. They didn't actually have it in stock. Then when my package arrived, one pair of shorts was the wrong color and the wrong size--way too big. When I wrote to complain, they sent a form to return it, but said I'd have to wait two weeks to send it because they were moving. What?!

When I wrote to say that worried me because it was going to cut it close on my trip, the person on the other end came through. She sent me a note back saying, "I grabbed you a pair of shorts before they packed everything up. Send yours in and I'll get the correct ones out to you."

In the end, the diving catch from somebody who actually cares about customer service turned everything around. I'll definitely use them again. Surf over to Ex Officio to be both stylin' and practical when you're on the move.

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